Monday, November 07, 2016

My Music Monday

Erik picked this month's theme - though he kind of sort of let me direct him a bit.

His original thought was 'movie themes'. We've done songs that debuted in movies, but all I could think of was James Bond, when I heard 'theme'. Or worse - Kenny Loggins. He was the perpetual go-to guy for a movie title / song (Footloose, Top Gun, Caddyshack). I'll assume he's high off his royalties right now.

I think my Loggins comment steered Erik away from that idea.  So it is now songs about a particular city. It could be any city, but the song should be in some way about that city.

I've decided to stay away from "London". Honestly, I fully believe that Sirius XM's "First Wave" channel has utterly ruined me ever listening to the Clash again. The second "London Calling" comes on, I change the channel.

But this week, I will start in Europe - Amsterdam to be specific ("hi", other Brett!). With that town, I had the same titled song by both Guster and Crowded House. As groups go, I like the latter over the former. As songs go, it's the exact opposite.

So you get Guster.

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