Friday, November 04, 2016

Winds of Change

I don't want to say "I've got nothing", but I have little.

710 was completely right in saying that the stress of this election and the World Series really took (and is taking) a palpable toll on my psychological mindset.

One down. One to go. I'll be happy when this election is over next month.

Oh yes - you think the election is over this upcoming Tuesday.

You silly silly people.

I seen no scenario where (t)Rump won't contest the findings in court, should this not go his way. I'm not 100% sure he won't take it to court if he does win.

The man is unstable.

So, since I went to bed after 01:00, and Mr. Shep still got me up at 05:30, I'm a tad tired and not looking to do a content post - so you get a 'nonsense' post.

This comes from a woman who couldn't be bothered to truly answer a work email. It made me laugh.

I'm 99.74% she wasn't telling me she had an aunt having gender reassignment surgery.  But ya never know.

By the way, she never did send me that business plan the following morning.

Song by: David Bowie


anne marie in philly said...

my spouse feels the same way about the election. the rump won't ride off into the sunset quietly.

WTF kind of english is THAT e-mail?

Travel said...

The groups who use the term "transition" as a euphemism for die, are too isolated to realize that is might have other meanings. Thank you for being kind and not sending the reply that could be sent.

Shoshanah said...

It will be over someday, if not Tuesday. Things always change.

I had a relative change from female to male, but I wasn't invited to the operation.