Sunday, November 06, 2016

Site of the Month

Early in November for my Site of the Month, but eh, what the hell. It's a Saturday night and I'm not going to write about Daylight Savings Time.  ....not again, anyways.

So somewhere I stumbled upon 25 Cringeworthy Texts from Their Ex.

Most are not "cringeworthy", some aren't even humourous. Yet, this one made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.  ....and maybe laugh again.

Now, I can't imagine if there had been texting back in the days I was "dating".  Yes, let's just put that in quotes, shall we.

Well A. I'm not sure prison allows folks to text, so I shouldn't be receiving any unwanted SMSes from there. B. Since I pretty much have never ever ever talked to an ex, they shouldn't have my phone number. C. Anyone who isn't in prison or California, is probably dead.

But lord knows what they'd say. I can be 100% sure that I would not be initiating any communication with any of them. Ever.

Should that time ever come where I'd receive a message from an ex - I'm pretty sure I could shut it down and with humour at their expense, before blocking their number.

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Fearsome Beard said...

These days I think it's possible to have an entire relationship and break up via text without ever speaking or meeting. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the old carnal way of getting it on.