Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throw it Away

This part of Cleveland - you know, the part we live in - might be the last place in the U.S. to do recycling.

I shit you not.

When we lived in "the Heights", we recycled. After we moved three miles away, we no longer had that option, though almost 11 years later, we still separate.  Of course, it all gets thrown into one truck and I'm sure dumped into one landfill. So our efforts were for nothing.

Until now.

Yes, starting next week, we are to use these two behemoth vessels for refuse. Bother.

One is for trash, one for recycling. Though without reading the directions, I'm not sure how it works. Do you really throw papers, cans and glass all together? (do you really throw papers, cans and glass?)

When in "the Heights" one doesn't have these cans. You just separate in different bags. There is nothing to drag back in to the house after the man comes to take away your used goods. There is nothing that sits at the end of your drive all day to let people know you're not home (or just too fucking lazy to wheel them back in).

......and there is no place to store them, that isn't outside for all to see, all day, every day.

Bother, indeed.

The "joke" is: Cleveburgh has been threatening to give us these cans for 3-4 years. Each year we get one or two notices saying they are coming on 'x' date. They never do. Or never did.

This time we didn't even get the notice, though I suppose it would have been like crying wolf - and honestly, how much paper and postage could the city spend on a hollow warning?

Yet, yesterday, I turned into the drive and almost hit them, as they just sat there, left like two fat, ugly orphaned kids.

Oh, and you get fined $200 if you don't use them.

I think I liked it better in "the Heights".

Song by: Joe Jackson


anne marie in philly said...

"single stream recycling" - yes you DO throw cans/glass/plastic/cardboard/newspaper/etc into the recycle can. used cat litter goes into the trash can.

we have the same system here. the trash goes to the landfill, and the recycling goes to a huge warehouse for separation. works like a charm.

give it a try; you'll wonder how you lived without it!

Fearsome Beard said...

Yep, AM is correct. We've had just the two black n blue bins for going on two decades now. My next door neighbor and I take care of each other...I'm up early so I take both his and mine out, he's usually home when they come for pick up so he gets all the cans back. Therefore He doesn't miss getting them out and mine aren't sitting in the alley all day long.

Mark in DE said...

Even in our little 'burg we've had single stream recycling (ie: all recyclable materials tossed into a single container) for several years. Its so much easier than separating. And the fact that the can sits there for hours after pick-up and before you get home from work is no different than your trash can sitting there for the same time period.

Erik Rubright said...

Wait, you don't just throw your trash in a hole in the backyard like we do here in the South? ;-)