Sunday, April 24, 2016


I missed the 104th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic last week.

After we passed the 100th, there really hasn't been much to obsess over, though I think that building an exact replica is just a waste. Is it wrong that part of me hopes it sinks on its maiden voyage - - that is assuming that it is every constructed.

As much as I say I'm over my fascination with the Titanic, then something like this comes out:  a 2:41:19 recreation of the ship sinking in real time.

Yes, it's long, but not as long as standing on deck waiting to die. Yet, I bet the passengers wish they still had 2:41:19 left.  ....though if they did, they probably wouldn't watch this.

Granted, I didn't watch almost three hours of video. Who has that kind of time. But I did skip around - chronologically - as, like always, I wanted to get the ship breaking apart and sinking.

Yes, it's morbid. But in my defense, it's like a ghost ship. The simulation has zero passengers aboard. Though at the end, there are screams - hence the ghosts (?).

The graphics are extremely well done and some nice POV shots.

I totally get not that most folks would not find this fascinating, but I did.

Song by: Jars of Clay


wcs said...

I saw this yesterday. Like you, I found it fascinating. And, like you, I skipped through a lot at the beginning, before you could tell that the ship was actually starting to sink. Someone put an awful lot of work into this. Well done!

Ur-spo said...

I have watched this several time; I keep coming back to it. It is morbid in a way. I think it is the serene slow demise that intrigues me. Oh so quiet waters and not at all violent - in contrast to the awful agony that was on board. Fascinating video!

Mark in DE said...

I would think that the majority of people would think it to be "bad luck" to build a replica of Titanic. I mean, who'd buy a ticket for that? Besides, everyone wants bigger, bigger, bigger nowadays when it comes to cruise ships, so this replica wouldn't begin to compete.

Erik Rubright said...

First, I'm impressed you used a Jars of Clay song. I'm not sure why I'm impressed, but I am.

And second, I was really hoping for little people jumping off like fleas on a dog about to get dipped.

There is a Doctor Who episode called "Voyage of the Damned" (with Kylie Minogue in it even, as well as Clive Swift/"Mr. Bucket") and the spaceship is named Titanic, and they make some funny references to the namesake.