Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Eye in the Sky

After the marathon of movies we've been seeing this year, it seems we had gone through what we wanted to see. I mean, Batman v Superman wasn't on the top 50 list.

Eye in the Sky was right at the top of the list. It's been out in other cities for a while, but not here. Finally it came to Cleveburgh.

Actually, we've been seeing previews since before the first of the year, so wheeze been waitin' a while.

Normally, I don't post trailers (well, unless it is Star Wars or Harry Potter related), and there are good and bad trailers.........this one is a good one - and it spoils nothing.

I mean, c'mon, that is one well-edited clip.

And you get the gist of the movie without the revelation of what happens. Other movies / studios should take note.

The actual movie doesn't have that many cut-aways. The drama and intensity remain, but it is not as quite that fast paced.

The cast was put together well. Of course, Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman were great. Mirren is especially strong. Alan.....well....each time he spoke to the Minister of Defense and called him 'Minister'....I kept waiting for him to follow-up with "of Magic".

I really liked Aaron Paul (no, I'd never seen or been intrigued by Breaking Bad). He was arguably the emotional heart of the movie.

When you consider that none of the main actors are ever together, even when sharing a scene and yet still interact seamlessly, it is somewhat impressive.

And of course, the Somali pirate from Captain Phillips is in another movie, playing - surprise! (and spoiler alert) - a Somali. I fear his movie roles might go the way of Linda Hunt of Haing S. Ngor. Though both of those have Oscars (but you know my line........"who doesn't?"). Actually, he does a decent job too.

Eye in the Sky is a well-done movie, even a good one. It would be a a stretch to call it an enjoyable movie. I don't mean that in a bad way - it's like saying you "enjoyed" the Deer Hunter.  Sure it was well acted, beautifully shot, etc.....but the subject matter is difficult.

Still, in the hands of a good filmmaker it can make all the difference.

I really think Eye in the Sky is a film worth seeing. Save the Somali guy - I'll give no spoilers. And while it might be considered infotainment, there is a definite message about our warfare of today.

2016 Movie Count / Goal:  10 of 18

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Raybeard said...

'Eye/Sky' hasn't opened here yet but trailers have begun. It didn't appeal to me but I probably would have gone anyway. You've now turned up the heat on my lukewarmness, a bit at least.

Bob said...

I hadn't heard of this but the idea of Mirren and Rickman has me intrigued.