Monday, April 11, 2016

My Music Monday

Highways. Avenues. Lanes. and such. That is this month's theme, courtesy of moi.

David Broza is the man this week with the title track from his album, Second Street.

Broza is Israeli born, but sings in Spanish, English and Hebrew (mostly the latter), and has albums released in all these formats. I have albums of his in all languages.

I have seen Broza a few times live - sometimes it's English only, sometimes it's Hebrew heavy.  I have never heard him sing in Spanish live, though his guitar playing (almost always acoustic) has a flamenco style. You can somewhat hear it on "Second Street", though it is heavier in other selections.

If you ever have a chance to catch him live, you would enjoy it.

He has / had no official video for this song, so you get this. The audio is ok, but the visual aspect sucks.

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