Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nothing's News

The headline is somewhat misleading. But only somewhat.

I don't get editors. We've already bought the paper....and it was a mid-section story, not even front page. You don't have to lure us in with semi-false teasers.

What the title means is: Trump won't back any nominee who isn't him. You know - the way he "pledged" he would.

What the headline doesn't tell you is that Cruz and Kasich won't back any nominee that isn't themselves either.

Liars. Liars. Plants for Hire.

You know Palin and her thing for the mainstream / liberal media?  Or the fallacy that is the mainstream / liberal media?  If it exists, it is powerless. t(Rump only seems to grow more powerful at the outrageous things he says that are printed. Mind you - it is doubtful his followers read papers. Or can read at all.

But if you read the headline as written - it seems like he won't back any nominee. So.........what if he is the nominee? It would be great if he wouldn't back himself. And it wouldn't be as surprising as one would think.

I've said it before - and I'm sure I'll say it again - what is this guy really going after? I still don't believe it's the Oval Office. I just can't figure out his end-game.

On another GOP note: the convention in Cleveland and the wanting to have open-carry at the actual convention site.

You know - the same site where t(Rump) and his band of whack-o's have openly advocated violence and riots. How could an open-carry policy possibly go wrong? All the strides Cleveburgh has made in the last few years will go up in flames...........literally.

Mind you, the Secret Service shut that down, but not without a petition (started by someone who was pussy enough to do it anonymously! Ooooooh.....big man!). But these people were vocal about 'why would the GOP pick a convention site that didn't have an open carry right' and 'switch the convention site now!' gripes.

Yes. By all means, please move it. I'd be a happy man.

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Bob said...

The GOP Implosion is kinda fun to watch.
I mean if the GOP candidates for president don't support the GOP candidates for president, that screams volumes about the GOP.