Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time Precious Time

It is a bad blog entry.

My laptop is in the midst of restoring after I did "something" and wiped out all my music, including all my iTunes purchases. Hopefully thanks to TimeMachine it will fully restore. I will know this morning if it worked.

Due to that, I'm attempting to blog from the iPad mini.  I'd rather shut down the blog than attempt this again.


Writing is tough.   Adding images is beyond impossible.  It took forever to italicize. Not worth it.

In the chaos of the last few weeks, I neglected to mention I had my 4000th post.  I forgot my 13th blogiversary and had no accompanying video. Oops.

It can only get better........right?

Song by: Lindsey Buckingham


joe c said...

Ugh, well that stinks. Do you also have an offsite backup service? Plans aren't very expensive. They back everything up via the internet gradually over a few weeks until everything is done, then after that they just need to backup anything that's changed. Backblaze and Crashplan are two of the best, and around $50 a year. I use Backblaze, and if things go kerflooey they'll send you a hard drive with everything on it.

Fearsome Beard said...

I guess it's all in how you are used to blogging. I learned how on my iPad. This here iPad is the only thing I blog from. I have since tried on the laptop and feel like you do about your iPad.

Bob said...

Nowhere to go but up .....

Ur-spo said...

May there be 4000 more and then some.