Thursday, March 10, 2016


Next Tuesday is possibly the most important primary election for which I'll ever cast a ballot.

Of course, if the Democrats win / retain the White House this November, in four years I might not be saying that. But part of me would like to think that if the GOP loses, they'd rethink their crazy-ass ways.

Hope springs eternal.

Clearly, I'm not voting Republican't. As always, I'm going Dem. I am after all - me.

I'll be honest - I voted Sanders.

Yes. Past tense. I placed my vote by mail this last week. I had no desire to venture down to the physical polling place. Anything I can do to avoid Trump / Rubio / Kasich / Cruz supporters

Hillary might very well win the nomination. She might very well win the general election, but I'm not 100% sure she should.

Granted, she's leaps and bounds a better choice than (t)Rump, Rubio or {shudder} Cruz, but really - who isn't?  Charles Manson would be preferable. Leopold and Loeb would be a better ticket.

But the game is rigged. I'm extremely disappointed that the Dems put their bigger debates on a Friday and Saturday night. It's not so much that I was ever going to watch them, but they made sure no one else would either. Sanders, or any of the other (then) three candidates got a lick of press.

And the rigged game also goes to "super delegates". It seems, like the general election, the voters mean little. It comes down to the super delegates and the electoral college. The general election tally is a just a 'nice to have'.

And what the fuck is a 'super delegate'. I know they don't wear capes, because Edna Mode would never allow that, dahling.

I'm voting for Bernie because I think he does have good ideas. And it's ok for him to push Hillary a little to the left. But let's face it, the man is an alter kocker. Yet I don't think the nomination should just be handed to Clinton, yet most of the DNC would tell you otherwise.

By the way: OMG on all the Hillary supporters who hate hate hate Bernie. Some of them are more vehement about him than they are about (t)Rump or Cruz. I think it is because he exposes Clinton as a moderate Republican't more than she is a Democrat - and it stings to be exposed that way.

Do I think Bernie can win the nomination? A few days ago I'd have said, "No". And it still might be a 'no', but he's making more inroads than I thinking anyone expected. It would be difficult to get the nod with the way the system is built. And even if it wasn't, the DNC has its own weighted playing field. Still, Hillary should be nervous. I think with a solid win in New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, Maine and Michigan and closer and close races in Iowa and South Carolina respectively, the man shouldn't be taken lightly.

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anne marie in philly said...

I too am a bernie supporter. I don't trust HRC.

Bob said...

Bernie could be the surprise, but if Hillary gets the nomination, she'll have to listen to, and heed, the words of Bernie Sanders.
So that's a good thing, too.

GregM said...

I find it's just the opposite in my circle of friends regarding the Hillary supporters vs. the Bernie supporters. The Bernie camp is constantly posting (on Facebook) nasty things about Hillary (some true; some not), while the Hillary supporters are mostly just posting the wins and positive points about Hillary and just saying Bernie's too far left to win in the general election.

I will be voting for Bernie in the primary here (CA) but will wholly support Hillary if she gets the nomination.

Fearsome Beard said...

When we get to the election I will be supporting and voting for either Hillary or Bernie. For now I am a Hillary supporter, always have been since Bill was elected in 1992. I just like her.
Maybe it's a CA thing but my experience is like Gregs, the Bernie supporters sure do hate Hillary to the point many say they will just simply not vote if he's not the a threatening/blaming way that if the GOP wins its MY fault for not voting for the Bern in the primary. Maybe it's just my little opinion but I feel as democrats we shouldn't be threatening each other no matter which democrat we are supporting.

Mark in DE said...

I like many of the things Bernie says too, but am concerned that if he became president he'd be blocked from doing the vast majority of them. Since I believe Hillary is probably the smartest candidate on both sides of the isle, I'll vote for her on primary day.

I agree that the electoral college and "super delegates" are unnecessary and take away from the vote of the people.

Erik Rubright said...

I still don't comprehend when I hear Bernie supports say they won't vote for the Democratic nominee if Bernie doesn't get it. Do they not understand the amount of crazy either of the GOP contenders will unleash upon them/us?

Actually, I just wish Bernie and Hillary would make a public and repeated pact now and say whichever gets the nomination, the other will be their running mate. Just to scare the fuck out of the GOP.