Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Predict a Riot

When Cleveburgh got the 2016 GOP convention, I groaned. Why would I want the likes of Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter and probable nominee, Jeb Bush roaming around our town - - I thought back in 2014.

Then about a month ago, I thought - - of fuck, this shit storm will be fun. I figured there'd be a coup for the nomination and it would be anarchy.

Now? I'm just hoping the city doesn't go up in flames. Literally.

What the fuck is wrong that almost every single (t)Rump rally ends in violence. Or begins in violence. And violence.

The media covers it, of course, yet no one does a fucking thing about it - law enforcement, the GOP or (t)Rump himself. He's for it, actually. And even {allegedly} paying the legal fees of a guy who sucker-punched at black guy at a rally (though he denies saying it, even though it's on video...which is a total Palin move). And security / police tackled and restrained the black guy who was hit. The white assaulter just walked away - only to be arrested after video came out showing the cops did nothing.

I mean, I shouldn't even be writing this. Donny wants to change the libel laws so if anyone writes anything bad about him, he can sue and win. Because right now, he can't win, so naturally he wants to make things go his way.

What a fucking cry-baby. He better hope he never gets to the Oval Office......I mean, how dare anyone say anything pseudo-libelous about the President?   {yes, I'm totally making fun of Donny himself, with his constant attacks on Obama's citizenship.}

Still, the convention.

What a shit storm this is going to be. We had once considered renting out our house and leaving town. Now with the imbeciles who inhabit the GOP - which are totally different that their usual imbeciles - our house would be trashed with them blaming us for letting them stay there. And on some fucked-up level, they'd probably win.

With all this violence, how is Cleveland going to get out of this convention without a riot.....or three? Chicago 1968 is going to seem like a cakewalk compared to what is coming.

Weeks ago, I smirked at the Cleveland Police Department requesting armored and riot gear for this White Supremacy Shindig, but it is clear they are going to need it and so much more. Whatever strides Cleveland has made in the last 7-8 years has been thwarted by the Tamir Rice shooting (regardless on which side you come down on that), the Michael Brelo case (regardless of which side you come down on that) and the upcoming GOP convention.

Hate will spill out into the streets. The improvements we've made to the city will be shattered and burned. Literally.

I don't even know why the fuck there is a traditional convention. Just do away with it and have a cage match and a mixed martial arts ring. I mean, this is the level at which we have arrived.

People can make all the comparisons they want to Hitler and Trump - and some of them are indeed valid. But Hitler took years to get to where he wanted to go. Trump has taken only months. Think about that. Hilter was a novice compared to this putz.

If you are truly not afraid - - you fucking should be.

I am.

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Wonder Man said...

It's going to be a crazy night in Cleveland

anne marie in philly said...

"the whole world is watching!" yep, 1968 with more h8/violence in the mix. VERY disturbing indeed.

hopefully we will have none of that shit here when the dems come to town.

Bob said...

I'd probably try and get out of town but then I'd worry about what was happening to my home.

Still, the Pollyanna in me is just sure [t]Rump will never be president, and I hope to the goddess that she's right.

Fearsome Beard said...

Like Bob I'm a Pollyanna. However I have had to stop myself from worry and that is unusual. This shit is gittin scary.

Travel said...

Time to hunker down and be well armed. Sorry Cleveland.