Monday, March 14, 2016

My Music Monday

Madness is the theme.

It was insanity last week.....and this one as well. Go with what you know. So maybe I am nuts.

In 1984, Lindsey Buckingham released his poorly, poorly produced second solo album, Go Insane. It was questionable at best. The disk had a two part song (last track of one side, first track of the second) and an almost seven minute song dedicated to the then newly-dead Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys.

There were two somewhat salvageable songs on the disk, "Slow Dancing" and the lesser title track.

...and then Buckingham went and ruined even one of those by putting a shit-tastic video to it. The video for "Go Insane" is so insanely bad, it's not even funny-bad. It is just bad-bad. It became every cliché and everything that was wrong with video music all in one.

It is so bad, what little I could deal with the audio version, really made me shun the song entirely.

But in 1997, Buckingham remade and performed the song during Fleetwood Mac's reforming. With just him and an acoustic guitar, he slowed the pace to 4/4 time and made "Go Insane" palatable.

So he gets one more shot here. I'm sure he can thank me for the exposure later.

Lindsey Buckingham - "Go Insane"

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Bob said...

I hadn't heard this version before. Better.