Friday, March 04, 2016

Site of the Month

This one comes from 710 himself.

The man was a Urban Geography major and has a graduate degree in City Planning and Public Policy & Management. Don't get me wrong - he doesn't do those things, but it is his interest.

So when he found a sight called Geoguesser - he was beyond thrilled.

I've never seen Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, but I have seen Where in the Fuck is that Loser, Matt Lauer? I'm sure it's pretty much the same thing - minus the hat.

And the answer to the Matt Lauer question is: wherever Ann Curry isn't.

Anyhoooo.....geoguesser uses Gooooooogle StreetVew and it drops you down somewhere in the world.

You can specify what country you want to play in, or you just go all over the globe.

Like here, you look at foliage, or you might figure that cars are driving on an opposite side of the street.....or there are waves and palm trees.  You get the idea.

Then you drop your pin where you think the location is.  You can zoom in with the controls in the upper left of the map screen.

Then you hit "make guess".

Then it tells you how right or wrong you've guessed.

At least I got the right country.

I have to say, 710 is really good at this. He normally gets within a few 100 miles. I haven't played that much, but it's fun.  ...and it just reminds me of how many places I haven't been.


Bob said...

Well, this sounds like a great way to waste some time.
Sign me up!

anne marie in philly said...

I LOVES geography! lemme gooooooogle it...