Saturday, October 17, 2015


Part of this last week in no particular order. No Sophie pictures this week. I will rectify that next time.

Petey stayed with my sister while we were zip lining / hiking. 

Boomer doesn't really use his bed, but stayed near Petey all weekend. The poor dog didn't get any sleep thinking he might miss Petey doing something. 

Petey meeting a new friend - Wally. 

I love Wally. I'd like to take him home. It's nice to interact with a dog that listens and does things that you say. 

Boomer when I went to pick-up Petey. 

He just wanted love......and for us to take Petey home. 

Petey barging in on the Boomer cuddle time. 

Petey - 2 minutes after we got him home from his weekend vacation stay. 

He was as worn out as Boomer. 

Petey with another new neighbor - Ted. 

Song by: Neon Trees


anne marie in philly said...

all that sniffing and playing makes petey a tired puppy!

Mark in DE said...

That Boomer looks like a sweetheart. Petey's still in 1st place though.