Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Six Blade Knife

For the past few days we have been pseudo getting ready for Winter and really next Spring.

The last two winters have been hard on our bushes, trees and plants, and to be perfectly honest, this year, we've been rather lazy about doing any yardwork that hasn't been cutting the lawn or mulching some beds.

But a few of the put-on bushes just finally up and died and while it was fine to leave them bare for this Winter, it would be just as easy to get rid of them.

Alas, these were not just taking clippers and trimming them down. No - this required at least a ZawSaw. A high powered saw with thin blades that are very very very sharp.

The plan was to knock them all out in one day. But the first one ended up being so extensive and so much larger than it actually looks, it took us just that day to do it.

So with 710 away, I tackled the other three by my lonesome, because - butch!

The bigger takeaway was that I didn't cut off any of my own limbs. Knowing this was a probability possibility, I just had my iPhone fairly handy......in case.

It went swimmingly, though my hands are a little sore. The saw really kicks and vibrates. They don't make it easy to hold the trigger (?) down. I'm sure that helps with people not having accidents, but it takes some effort to get through a thick branch...........let alone multiple ones.

I guess in the next week or two we will really have to start winterizing:  storm windows and doors installed, hoses detached and stored, etc.  I am so not looking forward to that. Hopefully we will have a few good weeks before we have to start that - but it is a busy few weeks and weekends for both of us, so it might have to wait a little bit.

Now, if only I could hold off Winter.

Song by: Dire Straits


anne marie in philly said...

I hear ya about the "hold off winter".

the winter season sux - snow, cold, faux "holidays", no baseball, gray skies, no color, no birdies, asthma attacks increase, terrible no good season!

Fearsome Beard said...

I have two words to say,
"San Diego"

Bob said...

Just looking at the picture of the saw I cut myself.

Mark in DE said...

Ugh... I'm getting depressed just THINKING about the approach of winter.