Monday, October 05, 2015

My Music Monday


That is the theme of the month.

Or as Erik and I are calling it:  Cover Opposite Day.

Not all popular versions of songs out there were the original take. So this is what we are exploring. Or attempting to.

Let's go with "Sepheryn" from Curtiss Maldoon from 1971.

Yeah - of course, you've never heard of him. Almost no one had. Until Madonna came upon it. Then she and William Orbit tweaked it, took some songwriting credit and made millions.

Oh, they also renamed it "Ray of Light".

The original isn't horribly good, so I'll give Madge (with the help of some ketamine......allegedly!) the ability to see past a bad version of "Classical Gas" and make it into a frenetic song that only the dancing homos would like. And not all of them, at that.

I thought the album Ray of Light had some decent songs. The title track was not one of them. My opinion, of course!

But here's hoping Mr. Maldoon (or his estate?) receives some nice royalty checks.

Don't be fooled by the parenthetical title on "Sepheryn" - it was posted that way, but the actual title is only one word.


Fearsome Beard said...

Oh My, Ketamine I haven't seen nor heard of that in ages.

Anonymous said...

1971? Boy are you old. Only joking. Like it.

Anonymous said...

Good find! Your comment about ketamine made me think of Placebo's song "Special K" (which was also a dance hit among the homos once re-mixed). The video is fun, too.

Erik Rubright said...

Hole E. Krapp! I never knew. And now I'm looking all skewed at Madonna's version. And the Husbear for making me suffer through it countless times.