Monday, October 19, 2015

My Music Monday

This is kind of a Fake Opposite Day track.

This theme was harder than I expected. Two I had thought of (and used) right off the bat - and the next two......well.....we will see how it goes.

The Bangles have made a lot noise about their best selling album - Different Light - not being what they wanted it and being strong-armed by the record company and producer.

At least to hear them tell it, they didn't really want what I'm guessing is their second biggest single  - "Manic Monday" - ("Eternal Flame" had to be their biggest - right?) on the record, because they didn't write - even though they didn't write Alex Chilton's "Complicated Gurl" but still committed it to vinyl (hey, it was 1986!)

Oh women with guitars.....and hormones. Crazy.

Though "Manic Monday" is credited to a songwriter named "Christopher", it was widely known it was scribed by Prince and not Mr. Meloni.

Prince never actually released the song, as it was written for that triple threat - gulp - Apollonia 6.

As it turns out, Apollonia sang worse than Vanity - so......chew on that.

And as it turns out, Prince couldn't even craft 10-12 songs for Apollonia to ruin on her / their debut and only album. That "masterpiece" had all of seven songs. But "Manic Monday" was not one of them - they just demo'd it and poof, two years later, Prince was raking in the royalty checks thanks to the Bangles.

Whatever you thought of the Bangles song - and pun fully intended - you'll now see it in a Different Light.

Granted the "original" is a demo, but in reality, it was as good as Apollonia was ever going to get and Prince sings on it, probably as a vocal guide or to cover the up horribleness that is the lead singer.

I'd say "enjoy" but it's highly doubtful you will.

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Bob said...

Wow, that Apollonia version is just awful ... who knew? =/

At least with the Bangles I got a little Susanna Hoffs, on whom I had a very chaste Gay Boy Crush back in the day.