Monday, October 12, 2015

My Music Monday

We are still on Originals.

Blondie hit it big in 1981 with the first single from their album, Autoamerican (which is still a GREAT! album).

But "the Tide is High" is not a Blondie original.

It amazes me, one who loves to read album liner notes, that I never noticed that none of the members of the band had a thing to do with writing the song.

The Paragons recorded it back in 1967. One of their members wrote the tune.

Yeah - once again, I had never heard of the band, though they seemingly released several albums. They probably played them at Motormouth Maybelle's record store and possibly on "negro day" on the Corny Collins Show.

At least the songwriter lived until 2014, so he probably did quite nicely in the 1980s in regards to income flowing his way.

The song is well done here, though it sounds a little dated - and the pronoun and gender changes are throwing me off.  I might biased, but I don't think Blondie's is. Yes, it's 35 years old (almost) and yet it seems current to me.

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