Friday, August 01, 2014

Runaround Sue

Lord. Here we go.

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives have voted to sue the President of the United States for claiming he abused his powers.

Let's try to forget that both sides of congress passed the Affordable Care Act  - they certainly have.  Let's try to forget that the House has unsuccessfully tried to repeal the ACA 50+ times since - they certainly have.

They bring new meaning to the phrase 'sore losers'.

Though this is the basis for their "lawsuit", using Executive Orders will be part of their case as well. Though they'll ignore that Obama has used fewer EOs than all presidents going back to GHWB.  Bush Sr. was a one term president. Ford, less than that. Even Kennedy used more than Obama and he didn't make a full term either.

If you take Bush and Ford out of the mix, you'd have to back to Grover Cleveland's second presidency to find a president who has used fewer than Obama.  (if you combine it with his first presidency, Cleveland used more.)

Where were the lawsuits on Reagan who has 381 ???!!! Or Shrub with 291 ???!!!!  Oh that's right, those were Republican presidents. It doesn't matter that each of those drove up the debt to phenomenally high rates....or exchanged weapons for people or started multiple wars killing hundreds of innocent soldiers and people.

By all means, sue the president for providing healthcare to more of the population. Or to save stranded immigrant children from death. Or anything involving women and their health. But good for the GOP to have moral, Christian values. {yes, sarcasm folks....sarcasm.}

Naturally, it is completely partisan, as this and the last two congresses have been. There is no reasoning. There is no compromise. There is no logic.

Coming this close to the mid-terms, I see what the GOP is trying to do. As many have accurately called it - it is a Political Stunt or Political Theater. The Supreme Court has severely restricted so-called “congressional standing,” creating a presumption against allowing members of Congress to sue the president merely because he fails to faithfully execute its laws.

Hillary might be in trouble if that pronoun is bound in the ruling.

What the Republican House (no Dems voted for this) don't see is that it is so close to backfiring in their face (sing it like Debbie Harry), is that it could sooooo easily work against them in November.

...especially on how they plan to pay for this lawsuit.

Which is how exactly?

I'm guessing with yours and my money. That's how. I have found nothing in the news to say how they are funding this charade.

Of course, this is 100% distraction from their lack of progress (and by 'progress', I mean even taking their thumbs out of their asses, let alone vote on anything) on Equal Pay, Job Creation and Immigration Reform. To be fair, they did vote to cut benefit for the VA, all the while complaining about how the VA actually operates. know, after most of these assholes sent them off to two wars.

What absolutely floors me isn't even this act. It's the American public. Yes, polling numbers will tell you that Congress is at its lowest approval rating ever. But where is the fucking outrage?

Allegedly when the U.S. House members mention suing, they get boos back in their faces, but that won't stop them. And it seems there is no one to stop them, until mid-terms, where America's short-attention span will kick in and the majority of these asswipes will be right back in their chairs on the floor.

Of course, for the U.S. House of Representatives to actually go ahead and go forth with the suit, would mean they'd actually have to do something to completion. So don't hold your breath.

But as he often does, Aaron Sorkin kind of nails this partisanship in less than a minute's time.

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Bob said...

The GOP is nothing but the Swing-and-a-Miss party.
How can you sue someone for doing something, anything, because you won't do something, anything?

Ur-spo said...

oh but this burns my bacon.

Fearsome Beard said...

Yes the ACA was voted in by all three levels of government and with a republican led congress in place. Thus it gathered enough bipartisan voted to pass, yet try to remind a republican of that. It was also modeled after Massachusetts healthcare laws that were put in place when Mr Romney was governor.
Hmmmmm I'm feeling my soapbox rising under my feet, I'll be quiet now and get involved with my local democratic congressman's campaign for re election to help insure that we keep that seat. That's the best thing I can do to help.