Monday, August 04, 2014

My Music Monday

I was thinking of making August a Country themed My Music Monday.

I haven't completely given up on that idea, since I have some cool music (in my HMO) that fits into that category, you'd just have to live with it - or skip clicking on the audio player.

Your choice.

Raul Malo doesn't really fit in to "Country" per se. As a solo artist or with the group, the Mavericks, there is a lot of Cuban and Mexican influences in the music. Sure, if there were still record stores, you'd be forced to look for cds from his/their music, you'd find them lumped into the "Country" bins.

Depending on the disk, it might be, but it could just as easily be Jazz or Latin. I kind of admire an artist who can span across different boundaries and still make it work.

I'm going with a solo song of Malo's, from a 2001 release, Today. That disk is more Latin influenced than Jazz influenced and it has very little Country-anything. Today's selection, "I See You", is right on track with the horns, the percussion and Malo's rich tenor.  I dig the music and vocal arrangements.

I really enjoy his music and his voice. I will say, when he's with the Mavericks, the Mariachi comes out a bit too much, but in small doses it is fine.

The song is up - especially for a guy like me.

Raul Malo - "I See You"

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