Friday, August 22, 2014

Site of the Month

Feeding off a previous post on 3-D sonograms, today we will talk placenta.

...and why not?

It could be a service or a job opportunity.

You have to figure you only need one Placenta Encapsulation Specialist per town - and you could corner the market.

Oh yes, the "specialist" (and that is in quotes) takes the placenta  - after the female giving birth (one assumes) - and makes it into capsules to be ingested by the new mom.

While there is zero scientific proof it has benefits, allegedly, it can help ward off post-partum depression. Eat part of your baby so you don't kill the rest of it.

But that last line didn't make it past the marketing department.

Really, on that above hyperlink, you need to click through all 17 slides. It will take you through the harvesting, freezing, cleaning, etc of said placenta.

The frozen one that is thawing just looks like a cabbage roll to me. As for the steamer - well I will never ever ever ever be making pasta in that again.

I'll be honest, I couldn't even look at them all.

But I'll never be a parent, let alone a mother. I don't know what that bond is supposed to be. But breast feeding is one thing.....and it's another thing to eat the cord as opposed to cutting it.

It's all fucked up. But I'm sure there are women who pay a lot of cash to keep the after-birth et al.

More power to 'em.


Ur-spo said...

So this is still going on?
I remember learning this on OBGYN rotation. It is a long time belief. There is not a drop of evidence it provides any health benefits (other than a very good placebo effect). Customs don't die readily.

Fearsome Beard said...

Oh my.
How easily the gullible can be separated from their own money.

Unknown said...


Bob said...

There's a market for everything I guess.