Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lost Summer

It's Saturday. You know the drill.

Summer is not gone technically, but it dipped to the upper 40s two nights ago. We're barely ever out of the 60s lately and I'm not sure we made it to above 90 more than once. The year of this Polar Vortex is causing havoc all year round.

710 sending me a picture proving that Petey got b'fast. As if there'd ever be a doubt.

After 2+ years, Mr. Pete finally found the grill. Mind you, he's out in the yard daily and I grill out during the summer maybe 3-4 days per week. He was very interested in it. (sorry for the light, I took the pic from inside the kitchen.)

Just a walk with his ever-present tongue.

Meeting a new dog. I don't know if he's visiting or new to the 'hood. He's a 5 month old corgi named Laddie. 

Song by: Paul Hardcastle

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