Monday, August 18, 2014

My Music Monday

Yup. Still going with this month's country-themed My Music Mondays.

As previously mentioned, I'm trying to stay away from conventional selections. So this week you get Allison Moorer.

Moorer's sister is Shelby Lynne (who inexplicably won Best New Grammy Artist after releasing six records). As children, both sisters saw their father murder their mother and then kill himself. Harsh way to start life. To their credit, neither sister will discuss this event in interviews.

Moorer has a great voice, but hasn't always made great choices. My opinion, of course.

A song from her first album garnered an Academy Award nomination from the Horse Calmer-Downer Whisperer. She had good songs on all her first four disks, but it was her fifth where I thought every one of them was a winner.

Written by Moorer and her-then husband (who produced it), there isn't one stinker or even filler track on Duel.

Moorer is classified as country, but not what you'd call traditional.

Her unwise choice was divorcing her then husband to marry Steve Earle, becoming his SEVENTH wife (no, he's not a polygamist). You didn't need a crystal ball to know that one wouldn't work out. She also put out an album of cover songs, which almost never works out - and it remains one of the worst album purchases I have ever made.

She hasn't recorded in over four years, though allegedly she has a new album out next year - but the reality is, I don't think she'll ever to Duel, which recorded and released shortly after the Iraq war began, took patriotism to task in ways, that if the Country-album buying public could ever pick up on would leave them scratching their heads.

So I just took a stab at which of the 11 songs to select and ended up at the opener, "I Ain't Giving Up On You".

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Bob said...

I've never heard of her, though i'm not a follower of "the Country" music.
Loved that song, and will look for 'Duel,' though, because that's a very cool tune.