Thursday, August 28, 2014

App of the Month

There is nothing groundbreaking in terms of phone apps these days. At least, not that I've come across.

I got another free game. It's not just free for me, but for all of you. That is, should you chose to download.

And let me tell you - 'free' is an overcharge with Don't Touch the Spikes.

I'm all about the time-wasting with some games, but my quick review is "Don't Touch Don't Touch the Spikes".

I know that "reviews" can be manipulated by friends, family and co-workers entering skewed takes on certain items, but I do not get almost 14,000 giving this 4.5 stars (out of 5).  No one has that many friends.

So what am I missing?  You keep hitting 'jump' and moving the screen right or left so you don't - say it with me - touch the spikes.

Mind you, not that there is any tutorial I saw, so the first half-dozen tries went bust very quickly as I attempted to figure shit out.

I'd say it's possible I'm just a sore loser when I can't get the hang of something, or win at it, but I've been playing 2048 forever and still have yet to win that one.

My "friends" will tell you that I only sometimes win at Words With Friends, but I keep plugging away at that one too.

But I'm not liking this one. There are not true results except losing. Even when you 'win' you lose. You just lose on a higher level.....but trust me, you still lose.

And maybe that is it. Maybe it's just the frustration of never really succeeding. Though I have to believe you can 'beat' a level.

I'm just not getting there because I've already deleted the app.

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