Monday, June 30, 2014

My Music Monday

I gotta be honest, I am kind of glad this month of doing cover songs is over.

I have a bunch of good ones in my music liberry, but when coming to selecting it just seems to be a struggle to find ones that I actually want to use. I can't quite figure it out.

June might end with a thud, depending on your perspective (man, I am really selling this, aren't I?), but I am going with John Wesley Harding's cover of Madonna's "Like a Prayer".

It was actually a quick turn-around for a cover, only a few months after Madonna's initial release. In the age of the internet and YouTube that is nothing, but in '89 that didn't happen much.

Harding (not his real name, but a deviation from the Bob Dylan album John Wesley Hardin) is a good musician and singer - and I have a few of his earlier disks.

Harding strips down Madonna's opus to just a guitar and vocal and it works. I'll admit to at one time liking Madonna's version, but I'm not sure it has stood the test of time (well, for me, I am sure).

When it is broken down, the song actually isn't poorly written - it has its good qualities - and Harding's version cuts off about two and one-half there's that.

John Wesley Harding - "Like a Prayer"

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Erik Rubright said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this cover. I might have to listen to it a few times and see if something develops.

Then again, I'm not a fan of the original either.