Monday, June 16, 2014

My Music Monday

I'm still on my cover music theme.

This week I am going with Chris Isaak....and not just because he's dreamy.  Though he totally is.

Like so many artists these days, he has an album of covers out, but I'm staying away from those - for him and others. They all seems too calculated for me and they rarely work when it is so conspicuous in its attempt.

Isaak has sprinkled a handful of covers into his work over the last {gulp} 30 years. Nothing pervasive, just here and there.

I had seriously considered his take on Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" as this week's selection, which is exceptional. Then I remembered a few other covers he did. Since I couldn't decide, you get a two-fer. None of them by Roy Orbison.

Both songs are from the mid-60s ('66 and '65 respectively).  This era suits Isaak it seems. He may have been born just a bit too late in life. Even "Only the Lonely" was originally released in '60.

One song has a video. One does not.

'tis a shame there is none for tune #2. He's so pretty (yes, pretty!!!) that all his songs should have videos. Alas, they do not.  But I'll go first with the visual - since that is which you people normally respond.

First up, Chris does a take on Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man".  It is a fairly straight forward cover of the song. He does a nice job with it.  This was taken from his 1993 album, San Francisco Days.

Next up is his cover of the Yardbirds' "Heart Full of Soul". Again, Isaak takes no chances or goes out on any limbs, but the recording has a great rhythm section. This song was included on his self-titled second album back in 1986.

Chris Isaak - Heart Full of Soul


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He is dreamy.

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I had no idea that was a Neil Diamond song. Ick.