Saturday, June 07, 2014

Love Action

.....or inaction.

Petey Porn day.  It's a little short this week due to my travel schedule.

Lately, he has taken to just hanging out in the yard, watching the world go by.  I'm learning to trust him again after his escape earlier this year.  So now I am only checking on him every half hour instead of every 5 minutes. 

Lazy days of summer.  Though technically not summer. But it's better to have him lazy outside as opposed to just sleeping in. 

It's tough to see his tail in motion. He was very very happy to see me when I got home from a work trip.  Wagging a lot.  Then he wanted out. 

Song by: Human League

1 comment:

Ur-spo said...

there is nothing as happy as a dog's tail in motion.