Monday, June 23, 2014

My Music Monday

Beatles covers are a risky business. The songs are a tough nut to crack, mostly due to their familiarity and just the aura that surrounds the group itself.

It's tricky business at best. Bands either nail it or fail miserably, with little to no room in between.

Rufus Wainwright did an incredible job with "Across the Universe" Fiona Apple's take? Not so much.

As much I love Rosanne Cash, I always hit 'skip' if her version of "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party" comes across my shuffle. Ditto with Sarah McLachlan ("Blackbird") or Sheryl Crow ("Mother Nature's Sun").

The Smithereens did an entire track-by-track cover with Meet the Smithereens - and it didn't suck at all.

Then you have something like Bananarama doing "Help". Oh yes, I own it.   ...and I own it.

Oddly, Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs do not embarrass themselves doing "And Your Bird Can Sing".  Aimee Mann & Michael Penn do an ok job with "Two of Us".  These are a few of the folks who can straddle the line.

Actually, to be successful you almost have to change the make-up of the song just a little - or more than a little. Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss come to mind ("Here, There and Everywhere" and "I Will" respectively) come to mind.

Shawn Colvin did it too with her version of "I'll Be Back".  Pared down in terms of instrumentation and vocals and slowed down to 4/4 time.  It's what Colvin does best. I've never actually seen her in concert with a band, just her and a guitar and it usually makes her music that much better.

Shawn Colvin - "I'll Be Back"

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Bob said...

Big Colvin fan here and I'd never heard this one before. loved it.