Friday, June 06, 2014

One of Those Days

I got nothing.

Well, not true. It was long day, mostly travel. You almost got my App of the Month, but I had only formulated some of it in my head.

...and I just did two of my placeholder posts, and I didn't want to use them all but before we got to double digit days.

The App of the Month is travel related though.

I had a semi-interesting day, but you know I'm not apt to talk about work. I might relay this one in a bit, but not just yet. I vacillate between smiling about it and fretting about it.

Vague, I know.

And I got both O'Hare and Philadelphia airports this trip. It's rare you get the two worst major U.S. airports in one fricking trip, but there I was. Delays. Delays. Delays.

So unfortunately, no true post today.  So sorry.

Song by: Duran Duran


Bob said...

That RottenCard was enough to make me smirk!

Ur-spo said...

All the same we/i like to hear from you, even the "I got nothing' entries.