Sunday, June 15, 2014

Diddley Daddy

I am not in a Father's Day post mode.

2014 has been a frustrating time for my father, which has made it a frustrating time for his son. Sure, 710 and I are going out to see him this afternoon and have dinner with him. Personally, I'd rather stay home, but it is the right thing to go and spend some time.

But more importantly, today is Sophie's 8th birthday. We didn't get her until four months after she was born.

It's hard to imagine she's been with us eight years. It does not seem that long, but from day one she was part of this family.

She rules this house with an iron paw.

Best yet, as you know, she loves her brother. That could have gone either way, but it was her acceptance that allowed us to keep Petey.

The title image was taken, has to be four years ago - as I'm not sporting a beard. ...and my face seems heavier. But she looks so cute there. And I have a hard time getting her to pose for pictures.

I suppose it is Father's Day in a way - we are here two dads.

Song by:  Chris Isaak


anne marie in philly said...

happy birthday sophie! your daddies (and your adoring public) love you!

cb said...

FINALLY! The poor neglected child gets a crumb of a posting.

Happy birthday Sophie!

Erik Rubright said...

Happy birthday Sophie!!!!!!

Ur-spo said...

What a pretty cat- and a marvelous story !