Tuesday, July 01, 2014


The U.S. Supreme Court has, once again, obligated me to blog about one of their fucking rulings.

They are getting annoying.

Hobby Lobby - a fucking store dedicated to paper flowers and scrapbooking - has actually challenged and won a case against the Affordable Care Act saying it violated a federal law protecting religious freedoms.


Now I get that someone no doubt put the Hobby Lobby (of which I never heard of until they filed this suit - but then I'm not into spray painting decorative wreathes or doing decoupage. Nor am I a spinster at 31 years of age with 43 cats who will never ever ever ever need to worry about contraception). Maybe it was Michelle Bachman or Orange is the New Boehner who was behind this. Who knows.

And I get that SCOTUS ruled on this issue and this issue alone - which technically is the way it should be since this was the only thing brought to the court in the case.

...but there is where I have the issue.

Hobby Lobby is worried about having to pay for a woman's birth control, but ok with having a man's erectile dysfunction meds in their formulary. At least with 'the pill', it does more than prevent unwanted pregnancy. The list of its attributes are many whereas Viagra has one:  to get a guy's dick hard so he can fuck a woman whose health plan won't pay for contraception she might eventually need.

That seems reasonable.

Also not on the table in this case:  why stop at contraception?  why not attempt invalidate FMLA for new mothers who are not married. tsk. tsk. tsk.  Children out of wedlock????  Jesbus would be very very very mad!  Sorry you modern day Mary Magdeline: you can't have 12 weeks of maternity leave.

And for that matter - no prenatal care if you're not married either. We're not even paying for the OB-GYN services at all. WHORE!

Religious Freedom, folks. It's not pick and choose. Is it?

Well, of course it is. Some right-winger had a bone to pick with Obama and went at it and won.

But to say the Court is not political is insane. The 5-4 vote was extremely predictable right down to which members voted for and against. Once again, men have decided over a woman's reproductive system. Welcome (back) to the Middle Ages.

Of course, even semi-smart women and complying doctors can prescribe the meds for things other than straight-on contraception. I don't think the Snobby Lobby will have a foot to stand on in that regard, that is unless SCOTUS strikes down HIPAA - which I wouldn't be the least be surprised should we find that on their docket.

Now, some douche on a FB post yesterday was all for the SCOTUS ruling - and I swear to g-d, I'm not making this up - because the ACA does not pay for his condoms.

Again - dude, chances are, you don't want your swimmers making it to Susie's egg. YOU should not only be paying for your rubbers, but you should be fucking paying for her Ortho Novum. If it went on a man's health plan, Hobby Lobby wouldn't fucking think twice about paying for it.

Though I'm just guessing here, but I bet they pay for pre-IVF testing and vasectomies. Both would seem to be against g-d's will.

Of course, I laugh at the term "religious freedom".  If you are bound to and live by laws written by men 2000-6000 years ago.....exactly where is your 'freedom'?

I'm just askin'........

SCOTUS screwed the pooch here......and no doubt she's not eligible for Plan B.

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anne marie in philly said...

yep, 5 stupid men just told every woman in this country that she is second class.

when I was on the pill in the 70s, I ALWAYS had to pay for them myself; no insurance plan covered the pill, but would pay out the ass for pregnancy/delivery of a spawn.

seems to this woman it would be fat cheaper for the insurance company to PREVENT pregnancy than to ENCOURAGE it. but nooooooo!

the war on women rages on.

Unknown said...

A spinster at 31 years of age with 43 cats who will never ever ever ever need to worry about contraception = Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Bob said...

It's insanity. Insanity.

rebecca said...

I am totally not buying my glue sticks there ever. Again.

Ur-spo said...

it's very depressing.