Monday, July 28, 2014

My Music Monday

Luck of the draw. That's where we are today. Another week with no plan on what song to put here.

So, you know the drill - or one of them - put iTunes on shuffle and the 10th song is what you get.

And what you get, kind of ironically, is a cover - even though my month of covers is over. But it is what it is.

I landed on the Roches from their contribution from a disk honoring Laura Nyro.

Arguably, Nyro's most famous songwriting credit would be "Wedding Bell Blues", which was made famous by the 5th Dimension, though she also wrote their hit, "Stone Soul Picnic" and Blood Sweat & Tears' "And When I Die".

For those who are more familiar with her folk music roots, she also wrote things like "Eli's Coming" and "Save the Country".

As for the Roches, they are a set of sister - Maggie, Terre and Suzzy - who sang folk music starting back in the '70s. With no real hits to speak of, they were something to see, if you've never seen them live.

While they all played instruments, it was the combination of their voices where their talents truly lie. Or maybe past tense. They have not released an album for over seven years and they no longer tour. Though I saw that Suzzy was on Broadway in something when I was there in May.....and for a while, she was Rufus Wainwright's stepmother....just a side note.

And on that Nyro tribute album, the Roches got "Wedding Bell Blues" as their selection. It's not quite a knock off of Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis too, but it shows their talent in vocal arrangements too.

the Roches - "Wedding Bell Blues"

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