Saturday, July 12, 2014

Here Comes the Weekend

All week I was sure 12 of 12 fell on Petey Porn Day. But I was wrong. So I didn't really plan lots of Petey pics. 

Good for you (well, and me) that I have some back-log of unused images. And Sophie is in here for good measure. 

 Petey checking out the junk in David's trunk.  

 Can we go out now? Can we go out now? Can we go out now? Can we go out now?

Maybe "someone" is getting an extra treat while I was cooking. 

Sophie is perfectly able to open this door when she wants to. But if someone can come to her rescue - better yet. ....just like a girl. 

 It is truly a sad day when four seniors - one in a wheelchair - laps us on our walk. 

 Wakey! Wakey!!!

She is sooooo not supposed to be on the counter - albeit the one that only holds keys and no food. She was waiting there from when I came in from getting the paper. 

No doubt both of them will be making appearances in tomorrow's 12 of 12. I mean, assuming they do something cute. 

Song by: P!nk


anne marie in philly said...

"can we go out now" is priceless.

Bob said...

I loved the 'Can we go out now' too, but also Sophie waiting for someone, a gentleman perhaps, to open a door for a lady!

Erik Rubright said...

I wonder what Sophie was thinking in the counter picture. Probably something with a British accent, I'm betting.

Fearsome Beard said...

I love Petey porn day!