Monday, July 07, 2014

My Music Monday

I got a pseudo-request from Brett (the other Brett) about why I haven't yet done a Michael Stanley song.

Yes, 90% of you can scratch your heads now...and go....."who?"

Michael Stanley is a long standing Cleveland musician whom, he and his band, had a minor hit or two back in the '80s, though they were playing in '70s.

The Michael Stanley Band (or better known here as MSB) was one of these oddities that had a double live album (Stage Pass) out after only having a few studio albums (two for the band, two solo). I can only think of Cheap Trick and Peter Frampton being the other two who achieved this. Record companies were way way different in the '70s than they are now. I'm not sure this could even be conceived now a days, let alone executed.

But Stage Pass was a big deal in Cleveburgh.

Sadly, both Columbia and Arista (then EMI) tried to make MSB a little more E Street Band-ish. And in reality, they became marginalized and didn't even make it to the level of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes-ish.  Adding a screeching saxophonist isn't always the answer to early '80s rock, no matter what any A&R man thinks.

Still, a release by the MSB, in Cleveland was always a "big thing".  They even sold out our outdoor amphitheater, Blossom Music Center, four nights in a row, which is still a record. And two at the now non-existent Cleveland Coliseum. I will admit to being at three of those seven shows. And it was those lesser early 80's records that got them their "hits".

But for today, I'll stick with Stage Pass.

MSB would religiously open with "Midwest Midnight" (almost the selection today) and close with "Strike Up the Band". A number of their songs were in the 6-8 minute length. Remember, this was the '70s.

I am going with "Let's Get the Show on the Road".  It's a long one, so sorry about that. The show was taped in Cleveland, so it gets a good response.

..and Mr. Stanley is still putting out music and does a handful of a live shows per year.  (Morty, Becky....he's playing Cain Park in August - are you in?). I think his full-time job now is being a DJ on a radio station.

Oddly, it's been a few decades since he has been relevant, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone between 30-65 in town who doesn't know, or know of, him.

Brett (the other one), this one is for you.

Michael Stanley Band - "Let's Get the Show on the Road"


Brett said...

ahhhhh - yes! Now this does bring back memories :)

Haven't listened to their music in a while (ie: since I left NEO), but will definitely search some more out on the intertubes and listen.

(the 'other' Brett)

Unknown said...

No comment. I am too young.