Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sleep Together

It's Saturday - you know what that means.  Petey Porn. 

As you've seen, the couch seems to be his habitat lately. He does spend time in his bed for sure, but if 710 or I are here, he's with us on the couch.

Sophie loves sleeping with Petey, but she puts up with a lot. Like kicking. His paw is just resting on her now, but be assured that he kicks in his sleep. She withstands it for about 15 minutes and then moves. But she's always back for more. 

Belly rubs !!!!!!!

Petey never used to get a lot of rubs like this, so he's adjusting. There still seems to be fear or uncertainty in his eyes. Of course, I might just be projecting. 

Mad Dog !!!  Mad Dog !!!!

He's not. Ferocious is not an adjective one would use to describe this kind-hearted soul.  Still he was showing teeth as he napped. 

You need volume for this.  

710 snores. 710 "claims" I snore now and then. Sophie snores. And yes, Petey snores. 

Song by: Garbage


anne marie in philly said...

spouse and nyla snore. spouse claims I do too; I think he's lying. and belly rubs are the BEST thing in the world to nyla!

Ur-spo said...

Oh the first photo is my favorite! Dogs lick in their sleep; I know that feeling !