Monday, March 03, 2014

My Music Monday

Results on the 3rd Annual Oscar Guessing Game®  will have to wait until tomorrow.  Since I'm drafting the My Monday Music post on Sunday - and who knows if I can even stay up, let alone tally the results from the Academy Awards, it just will take an extra 24 hours.

...and of course, crafting a potentially witty post-Oscar post could take a little time. You don't want to rush these things.

Keeping with a movie-theme-like entry, I'll pull a song from a film, that was not nominated  - at least I don't think - for anything.

'The Madison' from Hairspray - the original 1988 film, not that horrid remake with John Ravolta.

While Corny Collins says that the dance started in Baltimore, wikipedia will tell you it started in Columbus, OH, but became popular in Baltimore.

Since Hairspray was set in 1963, the timing might be off, as wiki will tell you it was 1960 when it appeared on the show that would be what Corny modeled himself after.  Details Schmetails.

Still it's a great movie and a great scene. The music is so-so secondary, perhaps tertiary - but it's My Music Monday, not yours, so, I call the shots. Sometime I like a fun choreographed scene.

And "Link" might have been the alleged heart-throb of the flick, but I'll take "Fender" (the guy in the blue suit right behind Amber von Tussle) any day.

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