Saturday, March 22, 2014

Caught in a Dream

'Tis Saturday, so 'tis Petey Porn Day.

I'm thinking I might have to space these out to two Saturdays per month.  We will see.

Petey & I trying to nap on the couch. 
He is napping. I'm there to support him so he won't accidentally roll off the sofa. I did not actually end up napping.   Worth it. 

The slow wake-up. 

I call it a walk. He would call it a 'squirrel hunt'. 

At first I thought he might be chasing bunnies.  Then it kind of looked like a humping action. But Petey is not a humper - of legs or anything else.  I'm sticking with bunnies because it's less creepy. 

Song by:  Dusty Trails


Ur-spo said...

I was told dogs dream 'of the hunt'

anne marie in philly said...

creepy video is creepy.