Monday, March 10, 2014

My Music Monday

Sometimes I don't have My Music Monday posts planned out.


I might think of a song earlier in the week, but if I don't start the post, lord knows where that thought or song choice eventually goes.

Somewhere into the ether.

I just kept thinking this week something would come to me, but it didn't. So this afternoon, I devised my selection process.

Most every Sunday, we go to see my parents. I decided that whatever the last song to hit my iPod on the trip would be the song of choice.  Random?  Sure, but why not?

You're getting Jackson Browne's "For a Dancer", from his 1974 disk, Late for the Sky.

I love the disk, I love the song. It ranks up in the top 5 of all of Browne's songs.  It's a nice tune, with a decent life-philosophy, comparing yourself and all humans as dancers - and no matter how many steps you learn from others, "in the end there is one dance you'll do alone".  You are unique and your own person.

Maybe a bit heavy-handed, but as a teenager, it spoke to me. It still does.

I admire Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, and while they did a cover of this song on their album, Western Wall, I found it a failed attempt.  But somewhere in my mind, I never thought the original studio song could ever be topped.

I don't know Browne's actual vocal category. Most of the time he seems to high for a tenor, but he is a difficult one for me to sing along to. His voice can go too low for my low range, but I can't maintain his upper range.  And yes, I like to sing along when I'm alone, but he ranks up there for hardest for me to do that.

"For a Dancer" is no different, though it's easier than some other stuff on that disk, like "Fountain of Sorrow" being the most difficult.

Here it is.  Like it or not.

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