Monday, April 01, 2013

My Music Monday

April Fools Day isn't big enough for me to fiddle with My Music Monday.   I was never very good at April Fools pranks anyway - so I don't bother.

I will say, I got a little tricked maybe 20 years ago when still living in Columbus.  While at work, a radio station that was on just played one Neil Young song after another.

While there was no disk jockeys really saying anything, listeners assumed Mr. Young had died and it was just a radio tribute. I was one such listener.

Anyhoo.  for today, I looked through all my songs with 'fool' in them and figured no one wanted to hear Quarterflash, Belinda Carlisle, Cock Robin (you're all saying "who?") or Leslie Gore.

I'm going with Marti Jones' "Foolish Lies" from her stellar Match Game album.

Driven by drums and a great alto, it still goes through my rotation quite a bit since its 1986 release. In my estimation it was better than most things on the radio, but it never made it there. And oddly, the song is not even the best thing on this disk - though every track is way solid.

I do like the lyrical progression of run, walk crawl and 100, 1,000 and 1,000,000 miles. I find music to be mathematical anyways and the writing here seems to go along with that in this song.

I won't convert anyone to being a fan of Marti Jones, but I'm hoping you can appreciate a good song.

Since the song was mid-'80s from an under developed artists, there is no video.  Hell, it wasn't even ever a single. So you'll just have to use the embedded player below.  And you will want to turn up your computer's volume, as the cd desperately needs to be remastered - the volume on the disk was lower than one would like.

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