Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Marry the Bed

Here's something you never see - dozens of new mattresses going into a hotel.

My hotel.  Not that I own a hotel, but just one I stay in regularly out in Boise. I couldn't check in early because they were installing all new beds - frames and all.

Honestly, my first thought was - "YES!  This lowers my chances of having bed bugs tonight!"

My immediate second thought?   "Oh my fucking g-d, this hotel has a huge bed bug infestation!"

I sure as hope to hell that it's the first one.

Still, as I kick back on said new bed, whilst I write this - it is nice. And it's kind of nice to know I get the first crack (hehehe, I said 'crack') at sleeping in it.

I'm so frickin' tired, I don't care if I get bit during the night. This getting up at 03:00 to catch a 05:45 plane is just getting plain old. And it really sucks when I don't get upgraded - not just because I'm a flying snob (which I totally am), but I don't build in enough time to eat that early - so if they're not feeding me on the plane well...............I could whittle away to nothing!

That was a joke, folks.

Ok - off to sleep in my 'new' bed.

Song by: David Broza


Girl Tuesday said...

Blobby, you are funny! I'm guessing that they did have a bed bug problem, and they've taken care of it. They wouldn't get brand new beds w/o first taking care of the bug issue. I bet you had a terrific sleep. :)

Erik Rubright said...

Out of curiosity, how often have you encountered bed bugs?

cb said...

Sleep tight... don't let the bed bugs...........