Sunday, September 02, 2012

State of the Art

I probably write about the Cleveland Museum of Art once a year.

Mostly because that is all we end up going to it - annually - which is a total shame.

The place is so world renowned, to truly take in all it has to offer, visits should be at least a monthly.

The museum is nearing the end of a seven year renovation - and they just opened this atrium (to your left) this last week.  The official opening of it is in a month or so. I'd say they're 90% completed with the renovation.

The atrium space is nice. I enjoyed it, even though it has no art - and I'm not sure it is slated to have any.

We really went to see the new space, but of course, ended up seeing some of our favourite pieces and a few I hadn't seen (or at least noticed) before.

...and I know folks do this, but I've never seen it and it was a little impressive.

This elderly man was doing an awesome sketch of a painting on the wall. I secretly snapped this shot over his shoulder. His skill was quite impressive - but you're talking to a guy who can't trace that turtle in the back of a magazine that would have gotten me into art school! ....which is how I think Gauguin

This was the original painting.  Yes, it's a shitty shot, but you're not supposed to take pics in the museum. I didn't want to get caught by the guards. 

I would like to say we'd make more time for the art museum, but who knows. My lord, it's free - it's a mile away from our house. You'd think it wouldn't take much effort. Clearly it is.  I gotta change that.

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Birdie said...

I was there only a month ago and the atrium was still in disarray. But yeah, the museum is wonderful. I've visited twice now, and I can't wait to see it when the renovation is finally done. It's been pretty impressive even with the detours and plastic sheeting.

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful museum. We used to go more often because my sister went to Case and my brother was at the Art Institute. It's absolutely beautiful there.