Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm So Tired

When this boy goes out, he goes out hard - and in comfort.  He's all about comfort.

Now and then, Petey will take his bed and repurpose it however feels fit.  He'll move that bed around, turn it over and clearly make a cave out of it.

And then he's out like a light.

That's my plan. I'm crafting this Thursday evening at 22:00, since I've been up since 06:00 Wednesday morning.

Oh sure, I think I slept two hours on the redeye from San Francisco but I'm not sure I can call that rest.  Or sleep.

I got off the plane, drove home and worked 11 hours.  Sure, I was greeted by one very happy dog and one somewhat happy husband and one ambivalent cat.  The dog jumped on me and licked me.  The husband kissed me. The cat wanted her food bowl filled.

But post dinner, I became very very sleepy. I wanted to write something other than this, but you know, this is all I'm good for right now. Soon it is off to bed - and it is there that I'll snuggle.........but most likely with the cat.

Song by: the Beatles


tornwordo said...

UGH. I hope they pay you well.

Erik Rubright said...

Did you make a cave out of your bed too?