Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our meal on Friday night was not great. The food. The service.

We like to support local restaurants, but sometimes they just make it difficult. 710 likes this place for lunch, but somehow it did not transfer to the evening meal.  So yesterday, we went out to lunch. I figure I deserved a better meal - and it was.

Just tacos, but good ones. The Market Garden Brewery has good ones - and no, I did not drink, it was afternoon.  Please people, I'm not a drunk!

But next door was the West Side Market and we stopped by afterwards for some stuff - though ended up buying very little.

I'm at home this week (yayy!), which means not eating out while on the road, and it means cooking, which I enjoy. Anyhoo, I was hoping to try a new soup recipe and went to get some provisions for that. They probably had everything I needed, but it was so frickin' crowded and my patience was wearing thin. So I still need to pick up cheese and some chicken stock (no, I don't care what Ina Garten says, I'm not making my own!).

After that we walked over to a spice store to get some good dried mustard. Even the standard stuff in the grocery is pretty pricey, and this was much more reasonable and you have to figure it was fresher.

So if nothing else, you can expect at least one food blog post this week. It will be a test run for the next time we have folks over. I try never to serve anything new on guests.

That, I did learn from Ina.

Song by:  Duncan Shiek


Jeffrey said...

If the crepe guy is still there (Wednesdays and Saturdays?) his creeps are to die for. And the coffee at the next booth is sublime! Wish WE had a West End Market! Lucky dog :-)

Anonymous said...

I would so do my own chicken stock - if I had another enormous freeze to sore it it and had the pot collection and the stove space and while we're at it THE KITCHEN. Love ya Ina, call me.

Erik Rubright said...

All I read was *blah* *blah* *blah* mustard *blah*. ;-)