Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm So Afraid

"Weren't you afraid to fly today?"

If I got asked that question once, it was asked two dozen times yesterday.

The answer was "no", I was not frightened.

While 9/11 is permanently ingrained in history, the day was an arbitrary one 11 years ago and I hold no sense of dread that the events of that day will repeat itself on the same date and day of the week.

I get that some jackoff might try a copycat thing on or around the same day (see Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine), but I have a job and I can't be looking at every history marker to decide whether I'll get out of bed in the morning.

I knew which date I booked. I'm sure it was my imagination, but the skies seemed emptier today. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. The first leg of my flight was only about 30% full in coach - not that I was in coach, but I heard it was. Hell, I was asleep before the plane taxied out. It was a 05:50 flight. I was tired.

The second leg wasn't much more full. I had all three seats to myself (ugh, yes, I was back in steerage!). The biggest tragedy was a movie with Kevin Kline, Diane Keaton and Diane Wiest. It was about a runaway dog. If I were that pooch, I'd have hit the highway too. Horrid. Horrid.  If people are forced to watch that shit on planes, the terrorists truly have won!

I will say, there was one disconcerting moment of the travel. Sitting in Houston's airport, appropriately named 'Bush" (though for 41, not 43), at 08:46 they had a moment of silence (announced!) and then played the Star Spangled Banner.  They did it again 11 minutes later. You know, when the North. then South towers were hit.

If 9/11 wasn't on people's minds before, it was now.

Song by:  Fleetwood Mac

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Erik Rubright said...

Did the TSA cheer after the Star Spangled Banner was played? After all, it's what brought them into existence.