Monday, September 24, 2012

My Music Monday

I'm totally lifting this from Stevie B from a few months ago, but I'm totally giving him credit for this as well.

I didn't know - and still don't - from the Editors. Since watching this video on Stevie's site, I actually went and purchased the song on iTunes.

Yes, I sampled other songs, but nothing struck me like "Papillon" does. The song is 90 seconds longer than the video version but it works even better.

Something about the vocals and music give it a cross between Sisters of Mercy and early New Order vibe. But the song is great for working out - lifting, running (duh), but rowing and biking as well.

And it is one of those songs I'm careful about how often I play, as it is one of those songs that is very difficult to purge from my pea-sized brain. It plays on repeat through my head well after the song has stopped. Hours after. Even posting this without playing it has it running in my head.

I like the video too.

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Mike said...

The song is OK, but I can't help but wonder what The Carpenters could have done with those back-up vocals. SIGH...