Sunday, September 09, 2012

Vacant Chair

710 got a new chair yesterday!  Yayyy!

Well, it got delivered yesterday, it was ordered a little bit ago.

We've been looking for a replacement chair for about 2-3 years.

He is not to fault for the the hold-up. I mean, there is a HUGE selection out there, but man there are a lot of crappy designs on the market - and of course, it has to feel right too. Our backs are not getting any younger ya know - we need support.

The chair you see above is our old one. I still love it, though time and sun through windows has faded the fabric, and our butts and cats - even without claws - has made it in dire need of reupholstering, it's lived a long an healthy life. I'm thinking it's like 15 years old now.

Sophie still likes it, as she shared it with 710 and makes it her own when no one is around. Even after being moved out of the sunroom, she gravitated right to it.

Sure, she went right to the new one too, to plant her butt next to 710 - some things never change.

Getting the new chair, and having my newer chair (2 years ago?) it just makes it harder to put off redoing this room.

While I went with 710 to look at chairs, I can't say I really looked at the successful candidate itself. Of course I cared, but I cared more that he liked whatever he was getting. It's more modern than I remember seeing, but I can't say I was paying that much attention.

I got to sit in it and it's nice. Lots of support, which I like. But it's not my chair.....except when he travels. You see, Sophie won't sit next to me in my chair, but she'll sit next to me in his.

Song by: Steve Winwood


Cubby said...

Doesn't Petey sit up on the chairs too?

Mike said...

I like it...but the couch looks especially inviting, with a nice blankie tucked under my chin(s), a firm pillow behind my head, and a good light for reading, I'd be all set for a cool Autumn evening. Not that I'd ever be invited to your home, I'm just thinking out loud.

rebecca said...

Niiiiiice! My couch is still there, right?