Monday, September 03, 2012

My Music Monday

I know it is a holiday, but it is still My Music Monday.  I mean, it's only Labor Day.

Since I don't really have a post to go with the holiday, per se, I can always incorporate a song, as much as possible.

I have plenty of songs with the word 'work' in it, but I wasn't up for John Lennon's "Working Class Hero".  I have one song with the word 'labor'  - and you're getting it here.

Welcome to Lucinda Williams' "Fruits of My Labor".

The song comes from Williams' World Without Tears , which when released in 2003 I was not a huge fan of (and yes, I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition).  It still isn't the top of my Lucinda list, but it's grown on me and it has at least four great songs.

Williams, for those who don't know her, can be an acquired taste.

Louisiana born and bred, Lucinda has a hard gravely voice that sings rock, blues, folks and Americana.  Some might say country, but I don't really think that fits.  The voice sounds whisky-driven. Her biggest claim to fame was when Mary Chapin Carpenter covered her "Passionate Kisses" and had a major hit with it, back in 1992 (?).  It also earned her a Grammy for songwriter that year.

There is no official video for "Fruits of My Labor", so it is a live AOL session (AOL? Really???). But Williams is the same live as she is on record. No studio trickery - what you hear is what you get.

Enjoy the song.  Enjoy the holiday.

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