Saturday, September 29, 2012


Oh this dedication to blogging daily just might kill me.

Going to bed last night, I knew I had nothing, as has been the case for the last few weekends. Then I realized, the last few Saturdays followed a redeye flight back from Cal-a-forn-eye-a. I think it's just exhaustion after arriving home, working all day and then crashing.

And crash I did.

I'm almost always up by 06:00, usually at the latest. It was closer to 08:00 - which is a decade in my sleep time. Oh, and I was in bed by 22:30 (after a horrible date night meal). The tequila at dinner sealed my fate of sleep and any chance of crafting something for this blog last night.

But after my little rant on LAX yesterday, I had one more indignity to endure on my way home:

Packed in like sardines to begin with, it was "interesting" when this woman pulled out some mask with two-like canisters attached.

Sure, I started to watch the movie Contagion, but you know the only interest in that was to see Gwenyth Paltrow die (aren't we all?). But I didn't want it sitting next to me on the plane - the disease or the actress.

Oddly, someone I was traveling with in CA mentioned wanting to take a pic of a woman on his plane who wore a mask, but he didn't know how to do it.  Clearly, I do know how to get the snap. ...and yes, I sent it to him.

I had no idea if she was contagious, didn't want to be near anyone was, or if it was come C-Pap traveling device so I didn't have to hear her saw logs.  I fell asleep for a few hours and tried forget about any air particle contaminants.

....and now, your Saturday Petey Porn. He moved his bed across the room while I was away.

Song by:  Blondie


Unknown said...

I think that's an anti-snoring mask, or at least something to dampen the sound. That or she's actually going to be playing Bane in the next Batman movie....

Erik Rubright said...
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Erik Rubright said...

Me thinks she might be using the wrong filters, atleast according to 3M.

Unless she was doing a little welding on the plane.