Sunday, September 16, 2012

Odd Couple

Yesterday was my 15,000 mile maintenance on my car - even though I had 15,900+ miles actually on the odometer.

It's kind of pathetic, my car is over two years old and I don't have 16,000 miles on it yet.  My driving for the week anymore consists of going to my parents house, working out and to and from the airport. That's it.

As I dropped my car off, the intake guy just looked at me quizzically. I showered and put on clean clothes - and to my knowledge, nothing was hanging out of anywhere that it shouldn't be.

He just says - "I just wrote down this license plate (meaning mine) a few minutes ago."

I mean, I had just pulled in, and there was a reason to be confused.  The car sitting directly in front of mine was the same make, model and colour.

I'm guessing the guy (or girl) must have gotten the car the same day as I did?  Good for the intake guy to pay attention to detail as opposed to just jotting down numbers.

I'll be honest, I don't even remember my license plate, so it would have slid right past me. I guess the better scenario was that one of us just didn't drive away in the other guy's car.

Song by:  Weezer


cb said...


anne marie in philly said...

(plays the theme from "the twilight zone")

Ur-spo said...

interesting !

my phone ends with 4503; Somone's ends with 4505.
We got them at the same time, so we want to know who has 4504.

Erik Rubright said...

Peculiarly peculiar.