Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year in Pictures

Random pictures I have taken of me or my surroundings in 2011.  Some you have seen, some you have not. It's about half and half, I think. I will attempt to give some background as we go along.  Since we did have our theft in September, I am missing quite a few photos from the first part of the year - so you'll see mid to end of year images mostly.  Bummer.

Blogger Meet Up #1.  Dr. Spo from Spo-Reflections. This was in Mesa, AZ. Someone took the picture. (April).

Blogger Meet Up #2 - in Denver. Tim Tebow Stevie B, from Nice to See Stevie B. (June)

 The gang isn't all here.  Denton, Andrew and Jon are MIA. And this was taken pre-Greg. Still, it was a nice shot before our margaritas arrived.  And it was the third time we were together in the same year! Unheard of.  (July)
Not even my shot. My sister sent it to me and I loved it.  Boomer on a step going into the family room.  He's not supposed to be even that far into the room.  Wally on the step / floor below him.  I'm not sure if it is the different species I like, the different directions they are headed or the curl of Wally's tail.  Or all of the above.  (July)

 A restaurant in Boston. Loved the name. Loved the ellipse. (August)

 Sunrise in Ogunquit. (August)

 Blogger Meet Up #3 - in Boston.  John, from I Got Somethin' to Say.  (August)

 Apple store. Playing with iPad while awaiting replacement Mac after our break-in/theft.  (September)

Sophie claiming ownership of the new MacAir. To be fair, she claims ownership of everything in the house.  (September)

 Irvine, CA.  Please nolo moleste me. (October)

 Blobby and his darling David G in the City Center - Las Vegas.  We are going from being old friends to just being old friends. (October)

 Oh, thank g-d for DVRs. I made Denton rewind and pause while I got my iPhone.  Total CNN fail! (November). 

The man himself. Or the statue of the man - in the airport that bears his name. (November)

Freedom!!!  Another trip to the kennel to rescue my two would-be boys - Boomer and Petey.  My sister rewarded me with a book of coupons to have my car cleaned, since I do this a few times a year for her. Getting them in my car is the reward.  (December)

My possible submission to my last Site of the Month:  Passive Aggressive Notes

That is it folks, that's all I have in ways of images for 2011.  Not a great recap, just the one that I have still in my photo liberry.


Raybeard said...

A lovely sequence, Blobby, even though it's not as extensive as you'd wished. Especially love all the ones featuring warm-blooded beings. (And Sophie looks as though she'll absolutely NOT tolerate any 'funny business' - so watch out!)

AJohnP said...

Awwww...seeing that picture makes me miss the warmer weather. :-(
Happy New Year!!

David G said...

You are actually smiling in two photos, and don't look Asian in any of them.

It is indeed the season of miracles!

Happy New Year!

Birdie said...

I love your photo spreads AND the fact that you got to meet three bloggers this year!

As much as I love pictures and carry a camera with me wherever I go, it simply doesn't occur to me to get the thing out and use it. I use my phone cam more than the Sony. Go figure.

Blobby said...

Oh, I don't even carry my digital camera anymore. It took four months after we were broken into to figure out if they even took it (they didn't). I put it away and only use the iphone.